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Cat Vaccinations

Routine vaccination of cats has become established practice and consequently the level of contagious diseases has fallen considerably over the years. However cats that are not properly vaccinated are still at risk of contracting a number of possibly fatal diseases. For cats, Infectious Enteritis (Panleucopenia), Cat Flu (Infectious Respiratory Disease), and Leukaemia are the most prevalent. Not all vaccines cover each of these different diseases. To check what your cat is actually covered for look inside you vaccination certificate and see which of the above are ticked.

Cat Diseases

Feline Panleucopenia

Source: The virus can be spread on shoes, clothing, food dishes and litter trays. It is very persistent and can survive for long periods.

Symptoms: Tiredness, high temperature, vomiting, blood in severe diarrhoea resulting in dehydration. The cat has a lack of appetite. Young kittens are generally worst affected with symptoms varying from mild fever to death.

Feline Infectious Respiratory Disease

Source: The agents are spread through direct contact between cats and by sneezing.

Symptoms: Tiredness runny nose and eyes, sneezing mouth ulcers and coughing. Occasionally it can lead to pneumonia.

Feline Leukaemia Virus

Source: Infection is usually spread by direct contact with infected animals. Normally by licking and grooming. Mothers transfer it to kittens while in the womb.

Symptoms: Vary considerably. Virus suppresses the cats immune system making it susceptible to a variety of different infections. Tumours can form in different parts of the body. Young kittens are mainly at risk.

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