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Dog Obedience Training

Dog obedience

Dog bedience training is one of the most important things that you should do for both your dog and yourself. It will enable a better relationship between you and your dog and lead to a far happier life together. Dog obedience training isn't the answer to every behavioural problem, but it is the starting point from which most problems can be tackled. Dog training enables communication between you and your dog allowing you to instruct your dog and achieve the desired response.

Dog behaviour

Virtually all so-called dog behavioural problems are perfectly normal activities for your dog but they are often not acceptable to ourselves. Dog obedience training is the best way to prevent or cure behavioural problems by teaching the dog to conduct itself in such a way that is acceptable to us in a domestic situation. It is also enables your dog to know where he fits in the 'pecking order.'

Dog obedience training should be fun and satisfying for your dog (and you!) It will enhance your relationship and make it more enjoyable either when you take your dog for a walk or around the home. You will have more confidence in your dog, which can then be allowed more freedom than an untrained one. A well-trained dog will be a happier dog.

Obedience training a dog

Most people are capable of training a dog to follow basic commands. However many people feel that they don't have the time because of work or family commitments. Others may have tried and found difficulties in certain areas. In some cases the dog may have developed bad habits that the owners are unable to rectify. Residential dog obedience training is the best option for many people. In relatively short time an experienced dog trainer can rectify most many behavioural problems and train the dog to a standard that fulfils the requirements of most pet owners. The dog training should extend to the owner as well so that there is a smooth transition on returning home.

Dog obedience training sessions

Dog obedience training sessions should be short and interesting. The handler aims to become the centre of interest of the dog. A dog being taught by a good dog trainer never seems to be able to take its eyes off him/her. The single most important aspect of training is to praise/reward the dog for good behaviour i.e. doing what the owner requires. The more often the dog is praised, the quicker he will learn. It is essential therefore that the dog trainer manages the training sessions so that the dog is achieving the correct response more or less every time. Success breeds success.

Dog obedience training by positive reinforcement

Many dog owners are continuously reprimanding their dogs for every little misdemeanour. The dog is rarely praised. After a while they get used to it, become thick skinned, and so the reprimands become meaningless and are ignored. If most of our communication with the dog is to praise him for good behaviour, then a reprimand, when given, will have much more effect. Whenever it is necessary to reprimand your dog it has to be during or immediately after the misdemeanour or the dog will not relate the reprimand to the activity to be discouraged.

If done correctly, your voice alone is sufficient for reprimand. A correct reprimand is short, sharp and immediate. Don't continue to nag the dog.

Obedience Guarantee

If, after completing our residential dog training course, we can't demonstrate to you that your dog is obedient we won't charge you a penny!


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