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American Eskimo Dog

   The American Eskimo Dog likes to play and is full of energy, although gets calmer as he grows older. He loves to be with his owner, is very courageous and curious. It is important to keep this active dog entertained as he may become destructive if bored. It is a very intelligent breed, which is also independent and stubborn.Training wise, this dog should be fine as he is an excellent problem solver and good at learning new tricks. Those looking for a peaceful lifestyle, however, should be warned that this is a dog that loves to bark and dig! A suitable dog for both experienced and inexperienced dog owners. The American Eskimo dog is ok with older children and other dogs, but may try to hunt birds and rodents. They dislike other animals getting attention and can be jealous at times. They also make an excellent watchdog.
American Eskimo dogs can come in two colours, white or biscuit cream. He has a straight coat with a thick soft undercoat. Those with allergies best avoid this breed as they shed heavily. Try to brush twice a week, more during shedding seasons. Bath when needed (around monthly or after a muddy walk!)

The life expectancy of the American Eskimo Dog is around 13-15 years. Health problems include seizures, diabetes and epilepsy. Deafness can be an issue in dogs with blue eyes. This dog was once known as the American Spit, as it is thought to originate from the German Spitz dog. This was brought over in the 1600s by German immigrants. They received their current name in 1917.

Breed Attributes

  • Straight coat
  • Three sizes: toy, miniature and standard
  • High/medium shedding
  • Regular Grooming needed

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