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Australian Shepherd



Solid, agile, attentive, and responsive, the Australian Shepherd is a dog with bags of personality and versatility. These are very clever and responsive dogs, and can also be very fast and energetic. You will find that the Australian Shepherd loves a variety of activities, such as jogging, chasing balls, herding, biking, and Frisbee. They can be quite demanding with their owners, as they love attention and need to be mentally stimulated and kept busy. Some Australian Shepherds can be calmer and less animated than others depending on the line.

The Australian Shepherd will get along with children that he has been raised with, but can be aloof with strangers. You will also find that whereas some Australian Shepherds get along fine with all other animals, others will chase cats and be dominant around other dogs. Some lines can be more aggressive than others, and they can be fairly protective of their families, making them medium level watchdogs. As part of the herding group the Australian Shepherd can retain his herding instincts and may nip and circle around other animals and people in a bid to �herd' them.

Australian Shepherd Appearance

The Australian Shepherd can come in two sizes: the standard Australian Shepherd is around 18-23 inches in height, and weighs in at around 40-75 pounds. The miniature Australian Shepherd is around 14-18 inches high and around 20-40 pounds in weight. The miniature Australian Shepherd is simply a smaller version of the standard, and has all of the same personality and physical traits. The coat of the Australian Shepherd is medium in length and can be straight or very slightly wavy. This is a double coat, which can sometimes be feathered and more difficult to manage. The coloring of the Australian Shepherd's coat can vary and includes red, red merle, black, or blue merle, and may have white and tan markings. The eyes of the Australian Shepherd can range from blue to brown or a combination.

Australian Shepherd Grooming

The grooming requirements of the Australian Shepherd can depend upon his coat, as some have shorter coats and thinner undercoats than others. These dogs shed heavily twice yearly, and the coat will need to be brushed and groomed more regularly during these periods. Depending on the length of the coat, the grooming shouldn't be a problem and the coat can be pretty easy to maintain.

Australian Shepherd Health Problems and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Australian Shepherd is around 12-15 years. Some of the health problems and issues that are associated with this breed include cataracts, glaucoma, epilepsy, heart problems, allergies, skin problems, and cancers. You should ensure that the parents have OFA and CERF certificates.

Australian Shepherd History

Despite the name of this breed, the Australian Shepherd was actually developed fully in the United States by American ranchers, where they worked as herding dogs. Although the miniature version is not yet accepted as a breed, the standard size of Australian Shepherd was registered with the AKC in the early 1990s.

Breed Attributes

  • Small/Medium build
  • Low grooming needs
  • Medium energy level

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