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Australian Terrier

The smallest of the working terriers, the Australian Terrier is a confident and alert dog with bags of courage and plenty of spirit. Playful and energetic, this breed is intelligent and eager, and his alertness makes him a good watchdog. This little dog adapts to different environments and is very versatile, making him a great companion dog. He loves to play and romp, and likes plenty of fun and attention, but at the same time also has a strong sensible streak. When around strangers the Australian Terrier is usually polite and reserved, and he gets along well with older, considerate children as well as with children that he has been raised with. He also gets along well with other animals in most instances.

The Australian Terrier is a laid back dog, and is happy to sit and toast himself by the fire as well as having fun and games outside. They like to please their owners, although some can have a bossy streak, but most are not difficult to train. Although not as noise as most other terriers, the Australian Terrier does like to show off his deep bark and many also enjoy digging. The affectionate nature of this breed makes it a great companion pet.

Australian Terrier Appearance

The Australian Terrier reaches a height of around 10-11 inches, and weighs in at around 12-18 pounds. His coat is dense, long, straight, and harsh, and he also has a softer undercoat. The coloring of the coat can vary and includes steel blue, gray blue, or solid blue, with face, ears, under body, and lower legs covered in rich tan hair. The blue and tan color is the most common. Red or solid sandy coloring is also an option. This is a small dog, but also has a sturdy and robust build.

Australian Terrier Grooming

When this dog is properly groomed he tends to be a low shedder, which means that he could be ideal for those with allergies. You will need to brush the harsh coat of the Australian Terrier around once or twice every week, and you should ensure that you keep the hair around his bottom trimmed for hygiene reasons. Natural oils in the coat will be stimulated through brushing, and this will help to keep the coat conditioned and glossy looking. Clipping can be arranged every few months, although show dogs have the dead coat stripped out every few months.

Australian Terrier Health Problems and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Australian Terrier is around 11-15 years. Amongst the health problems and issues associated with this breed are luxating patella, Legg Perthes, diabetes, allergies, and skin problems. The parents of your Australian Terrier puppy should have OFA certifications.

Australian Terrier History

Bred to hunt rats and snakes, the Australian Terrier was developed in Australia and originates from a variety of rough coated terriers from which it was developed. The breed has a history going back around a century and a half, and was registered with the AKC in 1960.

Breed Attributes

  • Small Dog
  • Medium energy level
  • Barks at intruders
  • Low shedding

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