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Border Terrier

The Boarder Terrier is a small to medium sized dog. It is very affectionate and can be fun to have as part of the houshold. They come in four colours; grizzle and tan, blue and tan, red grizzle and wheaten. The god has short whiskers and a tail of moderate length. Its coat is made up of two layers, a soft undercoat and a harsh, wiry outer coat ideal for harsh weather. When caring for your dog, stipping his fur twice a year will suffice to get rid of any dead hair. Try to give your dog a weekly brushing

 Terriers love to chase cats, mice and rabbits and if they see a dog they dislike they do not hesitate to start a fight! They have been described as fearless, alert and even tempered, adapting to the level of activity of their owners. They love to be part of a busy husehold and thrive on regular exercise.

The Boarder Terrier gets its name from the area of its origin, a place between the border of England and Scotland. As well as hunting vermin, they were also used to hunt otters and badgers too.

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