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The Doberman, also known as Dobermann Pinscher or Dobermann is a breed of domestic dog. Doberman dogs are among the most common of pet breeds, and the breed is well known as an intelligent, alert, and loyal dog.

These dogs were once used as guard dogs, watch dogs or police dogs, this is less common today. The Doberman is thought to be a mixture of aleast 4 different breeds, although some mystery about its exact origins still remains.

This breed can grow to be a medium to giant sized dog. They can be independent and are often domineering which can lead to problems if kept as a family pet. The dog must be properly trained and firmly controlled. The formal obedience programme should include sociallising with other dogs. Training should be possible as working dogs such as the Dobermen are generally intelligent and quick to learn.

This breed requires weekly care and grooming. This involves brushing, bathing and also looking after the eyes, teeth, ears, feet and nails. This regular routine ensures that any health problems are picked up especially in puppies and older dogs.The life expectancy of this breed is 12-15 years


Breed Attributes

  • Medium to large build
  • Short haired
  • Intelligent

Obedience Guarantee

If, after completing our residential dog training course, we can't demonstrate to you that your dog is obedient we won't charge you a penny!


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