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English Mastiff

The Mastiff is a very large breed of dog with a powerful build, making them an effective deterrent and guard dog. Despite their appearance this breed is actually gentle natured, calm and docile. However it will defend its territory and its family and will also fight back if challenged, however they do tend to hold those posing a threat at bay rather than attacking.
These dogs are intelligent and respond well to training, however they require a confident and assertive owner to take a leadership role. They also need early socialisation with other animals and humans if they are to interact with them effectively as adults. Mastiff’s can make great family pets as they thrive on the attention and company of humans, however, once again, it is important that they are well socialised with children from being puppies. Mastiff’s may not be suitable for small children however due to their large size.

The Mastiff has a tendency to be lazy, however they should be encouraged to have regular walks, they also enjoy playing and taking part in other activities. They are a fairly low maintenance breed in terms of grooming as they are short-haired and will only need the occasional brush down.

The Mastiff is a large dog with a short, sleek coat which is apricot in colour and they have black markings around their eyes. They stand at about 30 inches (76cm) for dogs and 27 inches (69cm) for Bitches. Their weight is approximately 160 pounds (72kg) for Dogs although they can reach up to 220 pounds and 150 pounds (68kg) for Bitches.

The Mastiff has a life expectancy of around 10 to 12 years and is prone to a number of health conditions. They are particularly susceptible to hip dysplasia, CHD, luxating patella, strokes, epilepsy, spinal problems, eye problems, thyroid disorder and PRA. Occasionally seen is cardiomyopathy.

The Mastiff originates from Great Britain and was initially bred as a war dog, it has also been used for dog fighting and guard dog purposes in more recent years.

Breed Attributes

  • A very large breed of dog
  • Good natured and even tempered
  • Effective guard dogs due to their protective nature
  • Needs plenty of companionship
  • Gets along well with children

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