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German Wirehaired Pointer

The German Wirehaired Pointer is a very affectionate, active and intelligent dog. They are very loyal and eager to please their owner. Among those that they are familiar with, the German Wirehaired Pointer is pleasant and friendly but around strangers they are more aloof, so socialising at a young age is very important. They are very playful with children and are fine around other dogs if properly trained. German Wirehaired Pointers make spirited watchdogs but sometimes their zealous nature can get them into trouble. They are easy to train but the owner must refrain from hitting the dog. They need an owner who will provide them with regular exercise as well as care and affection at home.

German Wirehaired Pointer are usually 22-26 inches tall and weigh approximately 45-75 pounds. Their wiry coat keeps them insulated from wind and rain, it is to easy manage and only needs brushing occasionally.They have a lifespan of 12-14 years, a few years longer if medical treatment is provided. German Wirehaired Pointers tend to suffer from hip dysplasia and Von Willebrand disease, which impairs blood clotting.

The German Wirehaired Pointer is the most recent but also the most well-known of the German Pointers. At the beginning of the 20th century, Baron Sigismund Freiherr von Zedlitz und Neukirch, the founder of the breed, used several breeds to create his perfect breed. He crossbred the Pudelpointer, the Stichelhaar, the Airedale Terrier and the German Pointer. They were used to Hunt, Point and Retrieve i.e. a HPR gundog.


Breed Attributes

  • Medium size
  • Low shedding
  • High exercise requirments
  • Low grooming needs
  • Active and Intelligent

Obedience Guarantee

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