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Giant Schnauzer

Originating from Wurttenberg and Bavraria sections of Germany, the Giant Schnauzer was created by crossing the Standard Schnauzer with the Great Dane and Bouvier des Flandres. The name comes from the German word for "muzzle', which is "Schnauze", and in Germany the breed is called Riesenschnauzer which mean "the giant". In the past they were used for cattle driving, guard dogs for the police and as military dogs.

This Giant is a great and loyal companion to any owner who knows how to handle him and is able to display consistent leadership and dominance - without this he will believe he is the leader of his 'pack' and may develop behavioural problems. He can be very boisterous and has buckets of energy so needs a lot of exercise to prevent him becoming destructive in the home. He is bold and loves to be around his owner all the time and will make an excellent pet if properly trained. He is generally calm with enough exercise and a Giant, who knows his place, will love everyone.

This dog's coat is fairly easy to keep in good condition, however, his undercoat needs quite a lot of attention to prevent it becoming matted. To do this, it should be brushed once a week with a short wire brush as well as clipping out tangled areas. His coat should be clipped around four times a year but particular care needs to be given to around the eyes, ears and muzzle. The fur around these areas should be trimmed reasonably regularly. Like all Giant breeds, he needs a lot of exercise - ideally twice a day. He should be taken for a brisk, daily walk or jog along with play sessions or some other form of exercise.

This breeds has several health risks which are quite common in them such as cancer (especially toe cancer), epilepsy and hip dysplasia. They are also prone to bloating. 


Breed Attributes

  • Large size
  • Low shedding
  • High exercise needs
  • High/medium grooming needs
  • Lively, brave and devoted

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