Dog Training Profile for your dog from one of our expert trainers


Golden Retriever

 Golden retrievers are friendly lovable dogs. This makes them the perfect family pet. They love to be with there owner and may become distressed when left alone. They are very active and should be walked daily. Golden Retrievers are fairly active dogs, and require a reasonable amount of exercise each day. The amount depends on the individual dog and its age. They are more prone to obesity than Labrador Retrievers so this should be monitored carefully.

 The median lifespan is about 10-12 years. Although the Retriever is bursting with energy it can be prone to certain ailements.  Breeders should try to minimise the risk of illness by assessing breeding pairs to check they both healthy.


These should be groomed at least once a week, daily during heavy shedding. Regular grooming reduces the amount of hair shed by the dog. Coats shed the entire year but more during spring when the dogs lose their winter coats. Bald patches when shedding can indicate that the dog is ill. Try to clean their ears as often as possible to prevent ear infection. 

Breed Attributes

  • Long Haired
  • Large Build
  • Friendly Nature

Obedience Guarantee

If, after completing our residential dog training course, we can't demonstrate to you that your dog is obedient we won't charge you a penny!


Collection Service

Our nationwide collection service is available to collect your dog from home at your convenience. Please ring us to discuss your requirements.

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