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Great Dane

This very ancient breed dates back to around 3000 BC -  we know this because of drawings found on Egyptian ruins. Not only this, but images resembling the Great Dane have also been found on Greek money that dates back to 36 BC as well as writing about this breed in Chinese literature from 1121 BC. The modern Great Dane is thought to be a mix of the Wolfhound, the old English Mastiff and the Greyhound. In the past, this breed has been used for hunting boars and bringing down bears as well as tracking, carting and guarding.

This gentle-giant is affectionate, trustworthy and gentle with people. However, due to his enormous size and strength, he needs to be handled correctly by a trainer who knows how to deal with him. It is very important that he knows his place and has firm and consistent training for him to flourish into the fun-loving and kind animal that he is. He is patient and playful with children if he knows that he is below humans in the pack order, however, he can sometimes be aggressive towards other dogs. 

His short-haired coat is east to look after. It should be combed and brushed regularly to avoid the massive chore of bathing him. His nails need to be kept trimmed and shampoo his coat when necessary. He needs quite a lot of exercise so should be taken on a long, daily walk.

Unfortunately this breed is prone to a number of different health issues such as hip dysplasia, bloating, tumors, tail injuries and heart disease. Also, jogging is not recommended when this breed is under one year old but they still must be walked frequently. 


Breed Attributes

  • Large size
  • Medium shedding
  • Medium exercise needs
  • Medium grooming needs
  • Playful, charming and courageous

Obedience Guarantee

If, after completing our residential dog training course, we can't demonstrate to you that your dog is obedient we won't charge you a penny!


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