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Irish Wolfhound

Thought to date back as far as 391 AD due to Roman records, this breed derives its name from its use a a wolf hunter - not due to its appearance, which is a common mistake. Its population declined due to the extinction of wolves and boar in ireland, but regained its numbers by the introduction of Deerhound and Great Dane blood. In the past, it was a highly coveted animal and was given as a royal gift as well as having battles fought over them. 

Despite his background as a fearsome hunter, the modern Irish Wolfhound is patient and good-natured. He is excellent with children, is very loyal to his owners and is friendly towards everyone including other animals and dogs. This gentle giant can sometimes be clumsy due to his size and strength but isn't aggressive. He responds well to good leadership and his owner should show authority from an early stage before he becomes fully grown.

His coat needs regular combing to keep it in good condition and his fur should be plucked occasionally to remove any loose hair. He needs a daily walk and likes space to run around, however, he should not be made to go for jogs at a young age because it is not good for his growth and development. When on a lead, he should be taught to walk by his owners heel from an early age before he becomes to strong and powerful.

This breed is prone to several different health issues such as bone cancer, hip dysplasia, cardiomyopathy, Von Willebrands, PRA and bloating. 

Breed Attributes

  • Large size
  • Medium shedding
  • Medium exercise needs
  • Low grooming needs
  • Kind, intelligent and loyal

Obedience Guarantee

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