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Large Munsterlander

Descending from its smaller cousin in the 1800's, the large Munsterlander originated in Munster, Germany. It is thought to have connections to the German Longhaired Pointer and Continental Setters. In the past it has had many purposes as a gun dog such as hunting, pointing and retrieving and today it competes in the HPR (Hunt Point Retriever) field trials in England.

This loyal friend makes a good companion who is cheerful and devoted. He loves everyone including children and gets on well with other animals. Highly trainable with a good owner, he always wants to please and loves to work. He is able to learn simple commands within the first six months of his life, however, he can be slow-maturing. It should be noted that he isn't a guard dog - he was bred to retrieve and will happily carry around something in his mouth a lot of the time. 

His coat should be brushed around 3 or 4 times a week and bathing only when required. During his seasonal shed, his coat should be groomed more often to keep the shedding down. He is happiest when given the opportunity to play and run around - three 20 minute sessions a day are sufficient - but be careful not to lose him when he goes sniffing around in bushes for rabbits! He should also be taken for a daily jog or walk and be made to heel.

This breed has an overall robust health, however, some may suffer from hip dysplasia but this is quite uncommon. 

Breed Attributes

  • Large size
  • High shedding
  • Medium exercise needs
  • Medium grooming needs
  • Friendly, obedient and intelligent

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