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Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is a hardy dog which is both friendly and assertive. They, show affection and devotion towards their owners, and can also be very obedient.

The Lhasa Apso has excellent hearing and a watchful nature, they will bark to raise an alarm and therefore make effective watchdogs. Although the Lhasa Apso looks small and harmless they can be extremely strong willed, bossy and jealous. This can make training very difficult.  The Lhasa Apso requires an owner with experience handling and training dogs, and who is assertive.

Lhasa Apsos do not require a highly demanding exercise regime but will need regular walks and a secured area to play.

The Lhasa Apso is a small dog with a long, heavy coat. They vary in colour from slate to sable, cream, gold, grizzle, and others. The height of the Lhasa Apso is 10-11 inches (25-28cm.) for dogs and a little less for Bitches. The weight is approximately 13-15 pounds (5.9-6.8kg.)

 The Lhasa Apso is a very high maintenance dog in terms of grooming – it will need to be brushed on a daily basis. They should also be washed once a week and their coats should be clipped every couple of months or so. With proper grooming the Lhasa Apso is a low shedder, and may suit those with allergies.

There are a number of health problems common to this breed, including, luxating patella, entropion, HD, PRA, vWD, spinal problems, cataracts, allergies, bladder stones, and skin problems. The parents of the Lhasa Apso puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates. The life expectancy of the Lhasa Apso is approximately 12-14 years.

 The Lhasa Apso originates from Tibet, and was introduced into Britain in the 1930s.

Breed Attributes

  • Effective watchdog
  • Require experienced owners as they can be strong willed and stubborn
  • Loyal and full of spirit
  • Not suitable for families with young children
  • Make good companions

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