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The first record of the Lundehund dates back to late 17th century. Peter Dass, a priest, described him as a small dog, and so agile that he could get into the tiniest gaps in rocks. Each fisherman possessed up to a dozen Lundehunds and each dog could catch up to a hundred puffins each day.

This is a small dog, wily and resourceful, wo can make the most of any situation. Now that he is no longer used for hunting, life can be boring for him if he is not kept properly occupied by his owner. Take your Lundehund to places where there are rocks for him to climb. He is very lively and great with children but can be stubborn and aloof around strangers. 

At first glance, there seems nothing out of the ordinary about the Lundehund - the Norwegian Puffin Dog. But this small Spitz-type dog, that could easily be mistaken for a mongrel, has physical characteristics that set him apart from the rest of the canine world. He has an extra toe on each foot, ears that close as soon as he goes into water and can also do the 'splits' with his front legs.

The Lundehund is clean as a cat spends and spends a large part of it's day grooming himself. Nevertheless, you should still brush his coat thoroughly every once and a while, following the direction of the hair growth.

Absorption of animal fats causes attacks of acute diarrhoea which can be fatal. This life threatening condition is known as the Lundehund syndrome. Watch what he eats and never give him foot scraps containing meat. Apart from this, the Lundehund has no other particular health issues, although he cannot abide the heat. 

Breed Attributes

  • Medium Size
  • High Shedding
  • High Exercise required
  • Low Grooming
  • Lively, Curious and Very Adaptable

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