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Norwich Terrier

Once considered the same breed as the Norfolk terrier, the two dogs were separated in 1964 by the English because of the differences of appearance. The Norwich Terrier was used for ratting and flushing foxes from their dens in a fox hunt - they were able to do this due to their small size. The breed was developed in East Anglia, England.

This feisty but charming little terrier gets along with everyone including children and other animals, however, he should not be trusted with pets such as rabbits or hamsters, because of his background of ratting. He learns quickly and loves to play - he especially enjoys chasing after things like small toys or balls. He is great for any owner who wants an affectionate, eager and cheerful companion. One of his few flaws is his tendency to dig when bored, but this can be avoided if he isn't left for long periods of time by himself and if he is given enough exercise to expend his energy. He needs consistent rules and good leadership to make sure he doesn't develop small dog syndrome which can lead to several different behavioural problems.

His shaggy coat should be brushed or combed daily to keep it in good condition but extra care should be taken when he is shedding. It should be shampooed and clipped only when necessary. Due to his history as an active working dog, he is energetic and should be taken on a daily walk where he should be made to walk by his owners heel. 

Overall, this small yet sturdy animal is healthy, however, some may be prone to back problems and eye diseases. 

Breed Attributes

  • Small size
  • Low shedding
  • Low/medium exercise needs
  • Medium grooming needs
  • Happy, bold and energetic

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