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An ancient Chinese legend surrounds the Pekingese. One day, a magnificent lion fell in love with a tiny marmoset. The lion begged the saint, Ah Chu, to give his permission for them to be married. The saint agreed but on the condition that the lion allowed himself to be reduced in size and strength. Thus the lion and the marmoset were able to marry and gave birth to a Pekingese. This new dog was courageous and proud like it's father and intelligent and sweet like it's mother.

The Pekingese is much more sensitive than one might suppose from it's haughty attitude which can suddenly escalate into sulking. But once they take to a person, their affection is of rare intensity. Pekingese don't takewell to the clumsiness of children and don't get on well with dogs apart from other Pekingese. They are very much a house dog and don't need much exercise.

The Pekingese coat requires daily, sustained attention. It is one of the breeds whose coat is longest and most abundant. Get at least a stiff brush and a metal comb. Brush against the nap, while at the same time untangling the hair thoroughly. He must not be washed too often - give him a bath every 4 months and only when necessary.

Because of the Pekingese's small size, it is easy to overfeed them. This may cause them to become overweight which will lead to further health issues. Their large eyes are particular exposed to irritation, so they must be cleaned every day if possible with tepid water.

Breed Attributes

  • Miniature Size
  • High Shedding
  • Low Exercise
  • High Grooming
  • Playful, Tenacious and Deeply Intelligent

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