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The Pointer, like most pointing dogs, date back to around the 2nd century. The Greek philosopher, Arrien, governor of Cappodoce mentioned a dog which looked like the Pointer. It is believed the Pointer orginates from the Spanish Pointer and came to England around the 17th Century.

The Pointer is a charming dog with an affable nature, and appreciates and accepts being stroked by little hands, almost as much as playing in the garden. They are an energetic breed and won't take well to town life. They should not be cooped up in a cramped urban apartment as they tend to whimper and bark.

In terms of shedding, the pointer sheds very little and only needs grooming a few times a month to stop dead hair building up. When grooming him, it is also advised that you clean his ears and check the condition of his pads, claws and teeth.

Like all thoroughbreds, the Pointer is delicate. He does not like the damp and the cold, so watch out for the chills after a walk in the rain or on a cold day. Simply dry him with a towel and let his nervous tension subside.


Breed Attributes

  • Medium Size
  • Low Shedding
  • High Exercise required
  • Low Grooming
  • Enthusiastic and Friendly

Obedience Guarantee

If, after completing our residential dog training course, we can't demonstrate to you that your dog is obedient we won't charge you a penny!


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