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Poodles are believed to originate in Germany where they were known as Pudel which from Low German means to splash in water. This is rather apt as it was most commonly used as a water retriever.

Poodles are very energetic, so get bored very easily. This provokes them into finding very creative ways of causing mischief. They like to be the center of attention and appreciate daily exercise and walks.

The Poodle is believed to be the 2nd most intelligent breed of dog after the Collie and so this makes them perfect pets for learning elaborate tricks. This intelligence also causes them to be stubborn and obstinate. On the whole, they are friendly to children and love playing fetch and other games.

Poodles tend not to shed much as dead hairs become tangled up in their fur so to prevent the hair from matting they must be groomed very often. Most live half-way into their teens but many suffer from disorders such as Addison's Disease, GDV and Kidney Failure.

Breed Attributes

  • Normal and Miniature sizes
  • Very little shedding
  • Medium Exercise
  • High Grooming
  • Intelligent and eager to please

Obedience Guarantee

If, after completing our residential dog training course, we can't demonstrate to you that your dog is obedient we won't charge you a penny!


Collection Service

Our nationwide collection service is available to collect your dog from home at your convenience. Please ring us to discuss your requirements.

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