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Originating from the high plateaux of Iran, the Samoyed tribe settled in the plains to the East of the Ural mountains and as far as the tundra at around 1000 BC. This tribe had dogs dedicated to many different laborious duties from hunting to pulling sledges, and it is said that the men preferred their dogs over their wives! 

With the spirit of a leader, this playful Nordic dog can be quite a handful but, if trained well, will definitely make a lovable and lively companion that is perfect for adults and children alike. One of the few faults is that he has a rebellious streak and the tendency to runaway when given the chance. This dog would make a great pet for someone who loves to play and is willing to put in time and effort.

He moults his beautiful white coat twice a year in autumn and spring. The old coat comes out in tufts, and this process can be helped along with brushing the coat through with a metal comb. Giving a bath is not recommended, as not only will soap and shampoo destroy the natural oily secretion of the skin (which makes the coat shine and protects the skin), the water will also be trapped within the very thick undercoat which can cause problems. 

The Samoyed, in general, boasts a robust health record and the only things to watch out for is taking care during hot weather and after baths when the dog may catch a chill. To avoid this, try using dry shampoo and brushing his coat regularly.

Breed Attributes

  • Large size
  • Medium shedding
  • High exercise needs
  • High grooming needs
  • Mischievous, playful and hardy

Obedience Guarantee

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