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It was originally thought that the name 'Schipperke' came from the Dutch word schipper (boatman), and that the Schipperke had therefore been a Dutch boat dog. Some people disagree with that view, however. They maintain that the Schipperke was not Dutch, but Belgian, and that he has never set foot on a boat. According to them, he was a country dog fromm the Leuven area, not far from Brussels.

The Schipperke is exuberant, lively, alert and very intelligent, and his charms are irresistable. He is a loving dog, totally devoted to his owner, and a fierce fender of his owner's property. His exuberance often gets the better of him resulting in barking and hyperactivity.

The Schipperke does not need expensive or excessive grooming. Regular weekly brushing is usually enough to keep his glossy black coat in good condition. This is no need for cutting or trimming and his mane fluffs up naturally. He may need the occasional bath when he has been digging and comes back covered in mud.

The Schipperke has no particular health problems and individuals often reach the ripe old age of 17 or 18 years. Nonethelss, inactivity and overfeeding are very harmful for this dog and can lead to join and skeleton problems and heart, lung and digestive conditions.

Breed Attributes

  • Small/Medium Size
  • High Shedding
  • Medium Exercise
  • Low Grooming
  • Lively, Curious and Vigilant

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