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Wire-haired Dachshund

The Wire-haired Dachshund could be a descendent of the short-legged dog depicted on Ancient Egyptian sculptures, althoughthere is evidence that a similarly shaped dog lived in Europe is prehistoric times. The Wire-haired Dachshund made it's first officia; debut in 1883, at the Berlin DogShow where Captain Von Wardenburg exhibited an individual named Mordax.

Amusing, entertaining, affectionate and faithful, he is the life and sould of every household he belongs to. A cheerful character but a stubborn one, he needs firm handling from a very early age. He is very good with children but tends to get more grouchy as he ages.

As his appearance should be one of hairiness, but not dishevelment, the Wire-haired Dachshund needs to undergo regular stripping. When he comes home covered in dirt, brush him carefully to remove driend mud from his coat. Like all Dachshunds he is prone to dental plaque so be sure to scrape his teeth regularly and from an early age.

Dachshunds are susceptible to back problems. Their short legs and very long vertebral columns make them especially prone to slipped discs. The miniaturisation of these dogs has resulted in problems linked to weak spinal columns and paralysis of the hindquarters. To prevent back problems do not encourage your Dachshund to perform acrobatics like jumping for attention.

Breed Attributes

  • Miniature Size
  • Low Shedding
  • Medium Exercise
  • Low Grooming
  • Energetic and Intelligent

Obedience Guarantee

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