Dog Training Profile for your dog from one of our expert trainers


What your dog will learn

The residential dog training course content

Your dog will be taught the following activities during the residential dog training course:

  • Walk correctly on a lead without pulling
  • Sit down
  • Stay at distance
  • Walk on
  • Walk to heel
  • Left and right turns
  • Recall from distance
  • All the above with dog distraction
  • Social manners
  • Door manners

When you book your dog in with us we complete an extensive questionnaire, which covers your dogs behaviour and temperament together with any particular problems that you would like us to concentrate on. We are able to customise the course to your requirements.

We train on a one to one basis and advance at a rate that suits your dog’s ability and temperament. As the course progresses the training activities become more difficult culminating in activities with other dogs present to provide realistic distractions.

Progress Reporting

During your dogs training course we provide regular progress reports that describe how we are getting on with your dogs training and what stage we have advanced to. Normally we send e-mail reports to you as we have found this to be the most convenient method. However we can also use the following report methods if you prefer: post, text or telephone.

In the unlikely event that we feel unable to train your dog fully we will contact you to discuss the situation. If you decide to withdraw your dog from the course immediately then no charge would be made.


On the final day of the course, when you come to collect your dog, we will demonstrate to you the activities that your dog has learned during the training course. We think you’ll be surprised at the difference what we’ve achieved in just three weeks!

Owner Tuition

Your tuition takes place following our demonstration. We discuss with you the methods that we have used to train your dog and that you can employ in the future. If you have had problems in the past this session should give you an insight into why this has occurred and how to avoid difficulties in the future. We try to get you to look at things from the dog’s standpoint. Any particular characteristics that we have noticed about your dog or points that we think would be helpful to you are discussed at this stage.

Next you spend time with our trainer, on a one to basis, working hands-on with your dog learning handling skills. This is a perfect time to ask questions and discuss problems or worries. Finally we cover how you should go about thing on returning home.

We provide you with training at home guide to follow. You can ask as many questions as you like and take as long as you like at during tuition. We don’t want you to leave until we have covered everything to your satisfaction.

At Home

Once you get home its important to follow our guide carefully and not to try to progress too quickly. It takes us three weeks to train your dog and it should take at least that for you to progress through our guide. It’s quite simple to follow and it doesn’t take long each day but its essential to be consistent with your approach and not rush things. We will have demonstrated to you that your dog knows what to do and so now its time to complete the transition ie you handling your dog in your surroundings and building up your skills and confidence.

To help you at home we provide on-going support – if you have any questions or problems just e-mail or telephone us and we’ll advise best we can. If you need a further tuition session at our centre this can be arranged at relatively short notice.

Our Guarantee

If, after completing our training course, we can't demonstrate to you that your dog is obedient, walks correctly on a lead, will sit and stay, and will recall when another dog is present, then we won't charge you a penny!

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Collection Service

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